Monthly Mime Workshop

Our workshops are fun, lively, physical and supportive!

Classes with Les are ideal for actors whether professional or not, dancers, comedy performers, magicians, puppeteers, street entertainers, singers... in fact ANY curious person wishing to extend their range of skills.

You will be encouraged to discover your own strengths using mime (influenced by some other practices) to create believable illusions, and to develop your instinctive clown and acting skills to bolster your characterisations.

Workshops include a variety of the following:

Weight a Minute 

  • How to shift your weight to create effort through pushing and pulling.
  • Using your weight placement to become a victim - being pushed and pulled.
  • Your attitude to the above conditions - the play and philosophy of struggle.

Isolation (but not that kind) 

  • To create believable illusions through awareness of the articulation of your body's joints.
  • States of Tension in the body creating resistance - the key to illusions!

Classic Mime Illusions

  • You will learn these as stepping-stones to your own variations.
  • These will include robotics, slow motion, stairs, leaning, surfaces, walls, doors, glass, elevators, escalators, driving, eating, slow motion, walks on-the-spot, , ropes, ladders, marionettes and puppets, sitting, reading, animals, sports, hobbies and of course, the 'moonwalk' among many others...

2nd Thursday every month