How to get the most out of our mime classes


We run entirely on Zoom! That's because we're really excited about being able to bring together students from around the world as this kind of cross pollination does wonderful things. 

This does come with it's own challenges so here's a little guide to help  you get the most out of class

Arrive early

We log on about 10 minutes before class because we want to get to know you! Our teaching time is teaching time, so if you turn up early we can find out more about you and your learning goals which helps us teach better. We also love people who are interested in mime and it's lovely to have a chinwag with kindred spirits.

Do pop us an email if you will be late or can't attend. We do start on time, but it's helpful for us to know and less disruptive for other students.

Set the room

We want to see your whole body. If you can move some furniture and angle your camera so we can see you head to toe, that enables us to give you feedback easily to help you improve.

We understand that this may not be possible for everyone, and for a lot of what we do, your feet is more important than your face! Set it up so we can see your body and feet.

For those of you who are confident with technology there are apps which you can use to add a second screen to Zoom. We like ManyCam which you can download for free. It does require you to change some settings,. If you'd like some support giving this a go, do get in touch with us and we'll do a tech run.

You can also join the meeting twice. For example, once from your computer and again through your phone.

If you have a projector or smart TV or can link a cable between your device and TV or larger monitor, you'll be able to see Les on a bigger screen which might help you to pick up on some of the movements. 

If these options don't work for you, don't worry - we can work with what you have, you'll still get lots out of the class, and we can adapt to your learning experience.


For those of you with blank walls or the abiliy to rig up a dust sheet - that's perfect. Wear a contrasting colour (traditional black on a white backdrop for example) as this enables us to see how your body is moving and give better feedback.

The less cluttered your environment is and the more you contrast with it the better.


Our school delivers a high quality experience - but we're pretty relaxed people who do mime because it's really fun and we love it! No matter what your background is or what your confidence level, you're welcome at our classes. We want you to leave class invigorated and joyful and we hope whatever your situation you feel happy to mosey on down and get mimey with us.

If you have any niggles or questions, please do pop us an email at as we're always happy to hear from you =)