Do you create music?


We play music in class to warm up to,

We think it would be much more genuine and exciting to collaborate directly with up-and-coming musicians rather than playing the mainstream.

We're a kitchen table organisation who only launched a few weeks ago so at this time we can't offer payment, but we do believe in fair exchange and hope that as we grow, what we can offer can grow as well.

We're looking for lyric-free (or not prioritised) tracks of any length. Please note that not all music will be suitable, and Les needs to resonate with it, however, we're open to all genres and styles.

In exchange for using your music during our classes to mime along to and at this stage in our development we can offer:

  • Verbally say who you are and what the song is each time we use it during class

  • Post link to the song and/or your website/portfolio in the zoom chatbox during class

  • Add your links and do a shout out in our emails that go out to students when we've used your music

  • Add your links to our monthly newsletter on the months we use your music

  • Provide testimonials about your music (if relevant to what you do)

  • Post about you on our social media channels

  • Add you to our Shout Outs page on our website

  • Provide a discount code for you to give to friends who might be interested in our classes

If there's anything else we can do to help increase your exposure we'd be happy to discuss as we want this to be a genuine collaboration where both sides get their needs met.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us at