Who We Be

When we're not sleeping, drinking, or running around after our cats

Les Bubb

The One Who Does The Teaching

If you want an example of a long and successful career performing, you just have to look at Les Bubb's CV.

Whenever a mime is needed in Hollywood, Les is there: From playing Mr. Mime in Detective Pikachu to making the on-screen magic believable in Harry Potter. Les has even had his own television show, and 'saved mime' from BBC's Room 101 among his many TV appearances.

He's created a trove of theatre productions during his almost 40 year career and has toured internationally. He's taught mime, clowning and physical comedy all over the world and his unique style of mime has already influenced a generation.

However... Les plans to retire in a few years, but before he hangs up his white gloves, he wants to reignite the world's love of mime. He wants to teach mime to anyone who loves to laugh - and that's where Les Bubb's School of Mime comes in.

You could be a professional performer or have not moved your body since drama at school - there's a class for you here. Get involved! While you still can...

Camilla Halford

The One Who Does Everything Else

Camilla's happiest when there are a gazillion spinning plates. She's has an MA in Management, and boy has she put it to good use.

From industrial sites, fundraising campaigns and app development, Camilla found her happy-place marketing and producing for theatre-people who make a big impact on the world.