Mime classes for everyone

Thought mime was all white-face and stripy Frenchmen? Think again.

Grab a friend or make some new ones and come open the treasure chest of mime. Doesn't matter if you've never done anything like this before, all of our classes will leave you feeling fresh, revitalised and creative. 

Les Bubb (aka mime sensei) has worked extensively around the world in theatre, TV and Hollywood and has busted out of the university classroom to teach mime to the world. Get on board - you ain't seen nothing yet...



Boozy Mime Night? Check.

Smash the robot in an afternoon? Check.

Fancy-pants-top-of-the-range classes for professionals? Check.

Looking for a party trick, or to get more creative? Want to find something new to do or just want to shake up your routine a little?  We got you. Whether you're a touring professional or haven't done drama since school we have drop-ins, workshops and full-on mastery skills courses.

Get moving. Get your mind working. Get your creative juices flowing AND GET UP OFF THAT SOFA!! Whatever you're here for we guarantee you'll have the mime of your life.